Resale Services

Eliminating the uncertainties associated with selling decommissioned assets in a fragmented marketplace by utilizing a risk-free approach. Our proven sales methods generate an average net return for clients between 85%-90% of market value on resale projects.

Resale service targets medical system replacements, technology change-outs, closet/warehouse clutter and facility/department liquidation. MRG guarantees each piece of surplus will be paid for prior to removal from your facility. No shipping or storage fees deducted against surplus sales.

  • PaidFir$t  Purchasing Service for decommissioned assets in storage
  • PaidFir$t  Consulting Service for technology change-outs & group buys
  • PaidFir$t  Liquidation Service for hospital and department closures


  • Highest net returns in the industry
  • Increased trade-in credits for decommissioned assets
  • Streamlined & transparent sales process
  • Hands-on experience managing projects
  • Secure forms of payment (Sales in hand before equipment leaves facility)
  • No shipping/handling/storage fees