Appraisal Services

Asset appraisal provides clients the information necessary to determine fair market values (FMV) and forced liquidation values (FLV) for fixed assets. Appraisals support property acquisitions, mergers, physician on-boarding, trade-ins, internal purchase/transfers, lease buyouts, insurance premium renewals, etc. Valuations provide a third party objective view of fixed assets that can be supported by current market conditions.

Our team of professionals has appraised over $300 million in fixed assets: medical equipment, furniture, IT & business related equipment, etc. Condition assessments show ongoing viability of assets, allowing clients to better manage assets that need to be replaced. We offer an array of valuation services to meet client’s needs:

  • Appraise Now™ Web-based application that brings appraisal to your fingertips
  • Appraise Now™ BVS (Budget Valuation Service)
  • Onsite Audit Services
  • Remote Audit Services
  • Desktop Appraisals
  • Condition Assessment


  • Providing a third party objective view
  • Fair market values that can be supported by current market conditions
  • Condition assessment outlining asset's ongoing viability
  • Quicker return on deliverables at an affordable price
  • Member of NAPA (National Association of Professional Appraisers)