Inventory Services

Maintaining an accurate asset ledger is crucial to healthcare providers, regardless of their size. Information obtained during fixed asset audits provides valuable information that can be leveraged against daily equipment management, technology change-outs, property transitions, renovations and new construction.

Our team of professionals provides a detailed report outlining demographics on each asset during the inventory process. Our industry experience ensures that inventory project engagements are completed efficiently and without disturbance to daily operations. Asset tagging services update each asset with a unique identifier for future verification. Reconciliation services verify ledgers show an accurate picture of current assets located in properties.


  • Ensuring data collected is accurate
  • Minimizing stress that audits place on internal staff
  • Eliminates disturbance to daily operation and patient care
  • Identifying demographics and location of assets
  • Application of unique identifiers (barcode tags) for future verification and reconciliation
  • Reconciling and maintaining accurate asset ledgers
  • Streamlining asset ledgers for accounting, finance, biomed and IT
  • Minimizing exposure and risk by validating assets that are physically located in properties